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My New Do

2 Oct

I was having a dream that I was getting my hair done at a luxurious salon. The stylist was running their hands through my hair and beginning to braid it.

I woke up, only to the sensation that someone was still braiding my hair and thought maybe my husband was being cute and trying to gently wake my up. I turn around to see my kitten spooning me (yes, he was the big spoon) and eating my hair. He was being surprisingly gentle about it.


So I dyed my hair

18 Oct

So I dyed my hair like I said I would.

It was less than mind-blowing and life-changing, to say the least.

I went in the salon like a complete nerd, pictures of styles and colors I wanted printed out neatly in order of how much I liked them, but to no avail.

Desired end: Sun-kissed, blonde-ish hair

Actual end: Auburn (red + brown= ok, but not even close to what I had painstakingly planned)

Don’t get me wrong, my hair is a fine, reliable color now, just not what I wanted. And after my speech about getting my hair done to embrace change blah blah blahdy frickin blah I look like a wang. This is less of an experiment on how to deal with change and more of a lesson on how to deal with a situation when doesn’t go as planned.

Well, You Can\’t Always Get What You Want.

Also, I’m not very good at disputing hairstyles or speaking up for myself in any situation where I didn’t get what I asked for so I was planning on walking out of there pretending to be in love with whatever the end result was, but that wasn’t the case this time! Go me!

And you know what? It turned out the colorist agreed with me, that she was going for lighter too and that my hair is just so dark it eats up all that is light and joyful in the world, so I am coming back in a few days to lighten it some more.

At least I was able to speak up for myself. It must be the red in my hair, it gave me balls gumption.

I like gumption.