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Vegan: Days 1 and 2

4 Mar

Not that bad.

Surprisingly not that bad…

Pretty easy actually.

Very doable in reality.

I can’t believe I’m still sane, to tell you the truth, but here I am feeling pretty good and not like I’m missing out on anything. Strange. I normally have a pretty large latte during the day, with real milk, and I have a dinner consisting of mainly meat, chicken, or fish. And don’t get me started on all the processed shit that I normally eat throughout the day that contains diary or eggs or a number of other animal-derived products because I just don’t give a shit.

I admit, I did cheat a tiny bit because me friend made this drink that was a little vanilla ice cream whipped with Jack Daniels that he insisted I try but I was just being polite! Otherwise I’ve been going strong. I’m sure that true vegans are a little more intense than me and some might only eat things deemed “vegan” but if I don’t see the food culprits on the label I don’t have a problem with the food.

Now that I’ve gotten through the first few days easily I might kick it up a notch and really keep an eye out for what I should be avoiding just to make sure I’m doing this up right.

But if things continue this way, this easily, I might have to put my foot in my mouth. Though I won’t because I’m pretty sure human flesh is off limits.

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Quotation of the Night

27 Nov

“Never eat more than you can lift.” -Miss Piggy