Cast of Players

This is a running glossary of all who are mentioned in my “Adventures, etc.” It is constantly being updated to fit the ever growing and evolving characters that find themselves players in my life.

As I am constantly saying, these are all completely ridiculous alias’s that, though I would like them to reflect aspects of the real-life person, sometimes just result from a whim (cough…Dodge Durango…?).

Carlos Soledad– 75+ year old customer of mine who wants to be the Hef to my Every-Blonde-Girl-in-the-World

Denver Steele– notorious ex-boyfriend

Dodge Durango– a trying customer at my bank who’s favorite activity is attempting to cash ridiculously altered, non-negotiable checks and seeing how far he can get with them

Hughie H. Angover– banker where I work, majored in Procrastination at DGSU (Don’t Give a Shit University), though a funny dude, I must admit

Jean-CarlosSEXY SEXY attractive, older banker I work with

Rodrigo– customer at my bank, notorious lech, pervert, and adulterer extraordinaire

Rodrigo Jr.– see “Rodrigo”

Shamus O’Leary– the security guard that I work with, doofy and adorable

Silver Panther– my swarthy boss


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