My Favorite Show

14 Nov

Sooooo I’m addicted to Saturday Night Live. It is a goal of mine to a. be a cast member and (not as important) b. watch every episode EVER. Also, I don’t stand for people telling me that it isn’t “good” anymore. It is a constantly evolving and growing cast that has natural highs and lows so I find that comment is just lazy and dismissive, so nah na nah na boo boo.

My favorite part of the show?

Watching everyone hug at the end…I can’t explain it but seeing everyone come together, make-up smeared, and thoroughly exhausted by an hour-and-a-half of comedy (if you’re lucky) is a beautiful thing. Also, I think it’s funny watching John McCain (yes…he’s hosted) hug Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon. That’s just silly.


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