About Bank: “Twas but a moment of laughter”

1 Nov

Today was the first of the month and my bank was overrun with pushy customers all day long as they were there to retrieve the Social Security checks that had been direct deposited into their accounts. Let me tell you, this is NEVER a fun day. My bank, which is usually low-key, with enough customer’s to keep you from getting sucked into one of the millions of websites that offer pictures of adorable sleeping puppies, while never so busy that there are more than 2-3 customers in line.

All that changes on the first of the month. I’ve seen awful, horrible, cruel, cruel things on this day and from open to close there is a line from wall to wall. To just add to the horror of the day there was a dead cat in the alleyway behind the bank which, though totally unrelated to my job, was VERY UPSETTING, OK?!

Well in the midst of all that wretchedness, including a customer that threatened me over the phone for someone else destroying his abandoned debit card, there was a customer who came in during a moment of uncustomary silence. I’ve talked to him before and the only thing I had remembered about him was that he had named almost all of his children after himself which I thought was over-doing things just a tad. But today he said something so funny it stuck with me all day and just might have been the only thing that kept me from punching several of my customers (have I mentioned I shouldn’t have a job where good customer service is must?). Right after I had almost cried into a twenty due to sheer exhaustion he said…

“I have 17 kids, 28 grand-kids, and 2 great-grand-kids…AND I’M STILL A VIRGIN, AHAHAHA!”

And it is shit like that that makes my job bearable and, on occasion, enjoyable.


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