About Bank: “You can ‘exchange’ your attitude”

23 Oct

At my particular bank I am not allowed to exchange coins for bills with non-customers.

“Why?” you ask? That is a typical “bank thing” to do…

Well, lets just say that the last five times I have accepted rolls of coins from customers or non-customers they have ALL been off. ALL. Some are missing coins some are over some have the wrong coins inside the rolls. So assuming that each of those five customers has 5 rolls with them to exchange I have been under or over my balance 25 different days just because of those five transactions. Also, seeing that I am the only teller at my bank on most days I cannot spend an hour rifling through a non-customers trash-bag full of coins. I just can’t. Even when I do feel bad for making someone go to another bank and I help them out my manager, Silver Panther**, promptly gives me a figurative slap on the wrist for making customers wait.

Yesterday, I was, once again, the only teller and we had just locked our doors, though there were three customers in line that I still had to tend to. The next customer came up and with her was a bag I recognized only too well.

Woman: I just have some* coins to exchange.(she started going through her bag)

*By some I would like to clarify that there was a huge grocery store bags worth of random coins.

Tootsie Woo: Do you have an account with us?

Woman: No. Why does that matter?

Tootsie: I’m sorry, I’m not permitted to exchange coins with non-customers, it’s one of our policies.

Woman: That’s ridiculous, why not?

Tootsie: Well, especially in this case, I am the only teller and that is a large bag of change so our customers would have to wait a substantial amount of time before I would be able to help them.

Woman: This isn’t that much change*! I just put it in a couple bags so it wouldn’t break!

*Um, yeah, it was.

Tootsie: Either way, I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to exchange that for you.

Woman: That is stupid. So you’re saying that if I found a customer to exchange this for me you could do it?

Tootsie: Umm…

Woman: They’re a customer!

Tootsie: I’m sorry…

Woman: What?! They are a customer so you have to exchange it!

Tootsie: But you’re telling me right now that you’re going to ask them to do it for you, so in this particular case: no–

Woman: I’m going to ask them! (She grabbed her bag and proceeded to hang out in the lobby)

She went to the next customer in line…

Woman: Do you have an account here?

Man1: (he just stared at her)

She went to the next and last customer in line…

Woman: Do you have an account here?!

Man2: Um, eh, no, uh…

Luckily for me, both Man1 and Man2 didn’t speak a word of English. Man1 then approached my window.

Man1: Buenos dias.

Tootsie Woo: Buenos dias, como te puedo ayudar?

The woman, in her last desperate attempt to exchange her coins went to my coworker Hughie H. Angover**  who was dressed casually as it was a Saturday…

Woman: Do you have an account here?

Hughie: No. I just happen to work here.

Woman: Ughhh!

Hughie: (Not aware of the conversation I just had with her) Is there something I can help you with?

Woman: I’m just trying to exchange my coins!!

Hughie: Oh…yeah, I’m sorry, we don’t do that here, we don’t have a coin machine.

Woman: Well, where can I do it then!?

Hughie: There’s a Giant nearby that has a machine and bank a little more downtown that’s not too far–

Woman: You mean I have to walk there!?

Hughie: Yeah, I’m sorry about that–

Woman: My God!!

She then blew through the doors in a tizzy. Hughie came over to me when my last customer had left…

Hughie: Did you see that?

Tootsie: Oh yeah.

Hughie: She looked like she was beaten with a Crack Stick.

And though I’m not sure what a “Crack Stick” is I’m pretty sure I have a good idea.

**Obvious fake name


One Response to “About Bank: “You can ‘exchange’ your attitude””

  1. Harriett Faulks August 24, 2012 at 9:48 am #

    Yikes! That was one ticked off customer, haha! I find it amusing how she just HAD to find a way around the “non-customers” policy. If you think about it, it’s actually a logical question considering the words of the bank’s policy, but really, those policies are there for a reason. I wonder if she ever got her bills. If she didn’t want to walk, maybe she could have used some of those coins she had to pay for a cab? Haha!

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