Treat Yo’ Self!

14 Oct

Do yourself a favor and watch the most recent episode of Parks and Recreation! If you don’t like Parks and Recreation I will thank you to leave this blog immediately. If you don’t like The Office (a show I also recommend the most recent episode of) I would ask you to kindly put your computer in sleep mode, step away, and give yourself twenty-thousand lashings with a spiked chihuahua collar. If you don’t like 30 Rock…Oh man, I am getting angry just thinking about that possibility (!!),  sign yourself up for shock therapy (I recommend Dr. Shmedly in Boca Raton) and slap every person who has influenced you throughout your life. Harsh? I see it as a fitting crime for not understanding beautiful, raw comedy.

Back to Parks and Recreation! There is a part of the episode that focuses on a day that two of the characters, Tom and Donna, arrange once a year where they TREAT THEMSELVES. They get decadent massages, eat cupcakes the size of their head, buy the most impractical, expensive items of clothing and it is HILARIOUS because their indulgence knows no bounds. It is also my personal philosophy. I am a Treatyourselfian. I am very comfortable with giving myself one, two, 360 days a year to treat myself, no limitations (p.s. I know there are 365 days in a year…a gal’s gotta be productive once in a while). What’s the point in life if you don’t own a mini notebook with a giraffe wearing high heels on the cover (I actually have that), or your own heels that are covered entirely in glitter!? What’s the point in diets if you can’t have a colon-wrecking meal once in a while? Why were velour track suits, brunch, padded toilet seats, snuggies, skorts, and sporks invented if not with the Treatyourselfian in mind? The lover of comfort and decadence who does not feel selfish taking a personal day to do the things he/she loves?

There of course is a limit. It is hard to appreciate something when you can have it any time you want. But I think it is also important for people to realize that any day is a good day to take care of themself! Some believe they have to earn a treat, that they have to bust their figurative balls to get a slice of pizza, a manicure, a new pair of shoes and to this I say NAY. Any day can be your day to show yourself some love. So put your worn out Marvin Gay tape in your boom-box, start the bath and…

watch this…








Eat this…





And wear this…










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